The Endstation
Endstation Delirium is a Fun-Server with its own rules, fun mods, sounds, etc. We play for fun, on our own terms, not necessarily in terms of a tactical shooter. All the people cavort on the last stop will be asked to respect this accordingly and above all to keep to the following rules.

§1 Netiquette
On the ED racist or sexist remarks and nicknames will not be tolerated.

§2 Camping prohibited!
The direct guarding of the hostages or bomb is rated as camping on the ED. The motto is "rush and die!" The server uses anti camp. Players will also be asked to show more movement, if they are limiting themselves to a very small area on the map. Crawl, climb on roofs, etc. is not welcome.

§3 Cheating is forbidden!
Of course, cheaters on the ED will not be tolerated.

§4 AWP/AIM Maps
Rushing is prohibited on certain AWP / AIM maps, unless you just used the rolldice Mod.

§5 Clan-Tag
Who is unjustified using the ED-tag, will be permanently banned without warning!

§6 Admins
They punish according to their own discretion, they represent the Server, their word is the law! A penalty may be canceled only by the admin who has imposed it.

Disregarding the rules will cause a kick after just one warning!


Dice to get goodies like more speed or a weapon, but beware there are also negative profits :)

Obtains a map vote. It takes a majority of players to reach a map vote.

Opens a menu to adjust various mods.

Opens a list of sounds that can be played.

Opens a menu to de-/ activate the sounds.

Opens the menu to de-/ activate the paintball effect.

Opens the menu for the Quake sounds.

Shows your gameme-statistics.

Shows the steam-group of the Endstation

The Admins on the Endstation are:





[ED]Lukas Lenz